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Copies of Indiana marriage records can be obtained directly from the County Clerk Office of the county where the marriage took place. Along with Divorce, Birth and Death Records, Indiana Marriage Records is also the responsibility of the Vital Records Office at the ISDH (Indiana State Department of Health). This office serves as the government agency tasked with the function of making such information available to the public. Indiana is an open state so any member of the public may access to inspect a record with or without receiving a copy of it as long as procedures are followed and requirements are met. This information is also available from commercial websites which can derive it from their own database and archive sources for you on a per-fee basis.

Unlike other states, Indiana Marriage Records are not actually centralized at the ISDH. Both Divorce and Marriage Records are maintained by the respective County Clerk’s Offices in the county where the events occurred. They are also the only government agency authorized to provide certified copies of these records. Fees, business hours and other requirements vary from county to county. For information to order a copy of a record from a particular county, you need to contact the concerned Clerk’s Office directly.

Indiana Marriage License Records

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The information required to be submitted for conducting an Indiana Marriage Records Search is quite standard. It should include, but not limited to, the names of the marriage registrants, the date and place of the event, the name of the requestor and his or her relationship to the subjects of the search. As mentioned, fees, processing time and other variances are dependent on the County Office of the request.

Requesting Indiana Marriage Records can be done in two ways – telephone or mail. For telephone requests, it is important that all the necessary information including payment details is ready and on hand when making the application. Likewise, mail orders must be made with the official request forms duly filled out and signed and accompanied by the payment in check or money order made out directly to the particular County Clerk.

Indiana State Department of Health Contact Info:
Address: Vital Records Office
6 West Washington Street,
Indianapolis, IN 46206-7125
Telephone: (317) 233-2700

In a big way, it is more straightforward and practical to directly approach the County Clerk where the marriage license is issued or registered for the Indiana Marriage Records. If you do not know where the marriage occurred, you can contact the Indiana State Library, Genealogy Section, to request that a search be conducted for you to obtain that information. The Library has records dating from 1958-2003 and can be reached at (317) 232-3689.

As mentioned earlier, a yet more savvy approach which is increasingly popular is to turn to private records providers. There is an abundance of commercial websites specializing in providing vital records that you can order a copy of Indiana Marriage Records from on the WWW these days. High speed and low price, these guys are instant, 24/7 and results are typically available within minutes. Check out Verify right here and you’ll see!