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Marriage License Records

If you want to obtain official proof of your marriage, you may want to request a search of marriage license records of your state from the County Clerk’s Office where the license was issued. Depending on the restrictions which apply where you live, you may be able to order a record if you are a close relative of one of the parties listed on the marriage license. A marriage license record can also be used for genealogical purposes to confirm the name and/or date or marriage.

Marriage License Search

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Who Can Request a Marriage License Records Search
If you are one of the parties named on the marriage license, you can order a copy of the license. In some states, parents, siblings and other close relatives will also be allowed to order a record. Legal representatives acting for either the bride or groom can request a copy of the record.

Information Required to Search Marriage License Records
The full name of the groom and the bride will need to be provided to search for a marriage license record. If the marriage license number is available, it should be provided as well, but this is not required. The names will be used to conduct a search.

Fee to Search for Marriage License Records
Each County Clerk’s Office sets its own rates for conducting a marriage license search. In many cases, the amount you are charged is a search fee and is non-refundable if the requested record is not found. You will need to ensure that you contact the County Clerk’s Office where the marriage license was originally issued to get a copy of the license.

Order a Marriage License Record in Person
Counter service is available at the County Clerk’s Office in many jurisdictions. Call the Office to confirm whether this is the case at the office near you and to ask about hours of service. Some offices can provide the requested record on a while you wait basis, while others will allow consumers to pick it up within a few days or will mail it out to you.

Order a Marriage License Record by Mail
You can also order a marriage license record by mail by sending your request to the appropriate County Clerk’s Office. Include the names of the bride and groom and the applicable fee with your request. Some offices request a stamped, self-addressed envelope with orders, and it’s a good idea to include one with a mail-in request, since it will have your correct address on it.

For faster service with a mail-in order, include a prepaid courier envelope with your order. You will receive your order more quickly once it has been processed by the County Clerk’s Office, so why wait to get started? You’ve already come this far; why don’t you take the next step and place your order right away?