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Michigan Marriage Records

Michigan marriage records can be ordered from the state Department of Community Health. The Department keeps marriage records filed with the state dating from 1867. Customers who are interested in ordering these types of records can also place an order with a website which is linked to a vital records database. The requested information can then be provided for a fee.

Who Can Order Marriage Records in Michigan
There is no restriction on who can order Michigan marriage records. Anyone can request a certified copy of a marriage record, which is printed on security paper and has a raised seal.

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Fee to Order a Michigan Marriage Record
The search fee for a certified copy of a vital record, including marriage records, is $26.00. If no record is found, the search fee is non-refundable. In that instance, you will be issued an official statement that the record is not on file.

If you would like to order more than one certified copy of a marriage record at the same time, the first one would cost $26.00. Each additional copy of the same record costs $12.00.

In a situation where you are not sure what year the marriage took place, you can request that a search be conducted over more than one year at a rate of $12.00 per year. Search fees for any additional years which are requested and not completed will be refunded.

Order Marriage Records in Person
You can place an order for a marriage record in person by visiting the state Vital Records Office, located at:
201 Townsend Street
Capitol View Bldg
3rd Floor
Lansing MI 48913

Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Same-day service is available for orders placed before 3:00 p.m.

Order a Michigan Marriage Record by Mail
To place an order by mail, send your request to
Michigan Department of Health
Vital Records Office
201 Townsend Street
Capitol View Bldg
3rd Floor
Lansing MI 48913

Regular processing time for mail-in orders for Michigan marriage records is five weeks. Rush orders can be processed in three weeks, including mail time and payment processing by the state’s Accounting Department.

Order a Michigan Marriage Record Online
Michigan does not accept online orders for marriage records directly. It has arranged for an independent payment processing company to handle orders instead. The independent company adds a credit card handling fee of $8.50 to each order.

Expedited processing (one-two business days) is available with United Parcel Service (UPS) overnight delivery. Processing time for a regular online request is two weeks (plus mailing time). Online orders are subject to a $10.00 RUSH fee in addition to the credit card handing fee added to each order.

Michigan marriage records may also be ordered from a commercial website. This may be the quickest and most convenient way to search for and order a marriage record from Michigan.