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Pennsylvania Marriage Records

Pennsylvania marriage records can be ordered from the Marriage License Clerk of the county where the license was originally issued. You also have the option of ordering the one you want online from a website which can retrieve the information you need from an online database.

You may need to order a copy of a marriage record for a number of reasons. Proof of marriage is required if you are a woman who wants to complete an official change of name application. You may need an official record if you want to apply for a passport, Social Security Benefits or for certain legal purposes.

Pennsylvania Marriage License Records

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Types of Marriage Records Available
You have the option of ordering a plain copy of the marriage record if you wish. This version would be for personal use or for genealogical information only. The second type of marriage record you can order in the state is called a Triple Seal copy and is an official version which can be used as proof of marriage if you are applying for benefits or any other purpose.

Information Required to Order PA Marriage Records
When you request a marriage record in Pennsylvania, you will need to provide some basic information to help the staff at the county courthouse locate the information you seek. Be prepared to provide the following:

Fee to Order Pennsylvania Marriage Records
The cost of Pennsylvania marriage records will vary, depending on the county. In jurisdictions where non-certified and certified copies of records are available, there will probably be two sets of prices. A plain, non-certified marriage record will likely cost a lot less than a triple-sealed version.

You will need to contact the Marriage License Clerk in advance to find out whether you will be charged a search fee whether the record you are looking for can be located or not. Some counties will retain the fee to cover the cost of conducting a search if the record in any case. You will also want to find out whether you pay the same amount for additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time or if there is a price break given for them.

Order PA Marriage Records in Person
To place an order for a PA marriage record, go to the Orphans’ Court Division office. You will need to call in advance to confirm the street address and the hours of service. The office may be able to fill your order while you wait. If not, the record will be mailed to you.

You also have the option of ordering PA marriage records online through an independent website which specializes in providing this type of record to the public. You don’t need to travel to a county office to place your order. Instead, you would simply do so simply and discretely from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. It’s so quick and easy – why don’t you take the next step right now?